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When small children become mobile, it is high time to make your home childproof. Door and stair gates provide valuable help. They secure doors, stairs and passageways permanently and reliably, thereby noticeably relieving the burden on parents and other guardians. Even large areas of danger can be safely separated with a protective grille without much effort.

The selection of door safety gates and stair gates is large. They are available in a wide variety of designs: for every passage width and every living situation, for drilling and clamping, made of wood and metal, in different heights, with different locking mechanisms and rung spacing. There are barrier-free gates with pivoting doors and those whose doors only open in one direction.

How do you find the perfect safety gate for your own four walls? What should you pay attention to when buying a stair gate or door guard? And how do you recognize good quality? Our guide offers a compact overview of all aspects of stair gates and door guards and will help you make your house or apartment child-proof.

Considerations before purchasing a security gate

Whether it's a wide or narrow passageway, whether it's a rented apartment or a home, whether it's to secure stairs or to secure individual rooms in a child-proof manner: there are door and stair gates to suit every need. If you think about your own needs and requirements before purchasing, you will find the right safety gate more quickly.

The following points need to be clarified:

  • Dimensions: What width of passage is the grille required for? 
  • Type of fastening: Should the protective grille be firmly anchored in the wall? Does it have to be attached to balusters or should it be a clamping grid? 
  • Door safety gate or stair gate: What type of passage should the gate protect? 
  • Accessibility: Should the grid be barrier-free? 
  • Material: Whether the protective grille is made of wood or metal does not play any role in terms of safety. It usually depends on personal taste and furnishing style which material is chosen. In any case, the following applies: The material should be proven to be free of harmful substances! 
  • Opening and closing mechanism: Should the gate be operable with one hand for adults? Should it be additionally lockable or have an auto-close function? 
  • Tested quality: Rely on brand quality and pay attention to seals from TÜV and/or GS.